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Mike Cann & Social Networks

16th May 2010

Well as it appears that every day there is a new "Must Join" social network and I appear to have joined most of them I thought I would write a little rundown post of where you can find my digital presence.

Yes, im on Facebook after years of trying to stay away. Unforuntely as my job is making games for the platform, its kinda tricky to avoid.

Tumblr is a reccent addition to my collection. Im primarily using it as a dumping ground for stuff that amuses me. Expect photos, videos and madness inside... oh and plenty of cats!

Ahh Twitter, that strange little service that is just sooo addictive! Find me, follow me, expect nothing sensible.

Not exactly  social network, but still find a collection of my mixes ;)

Again, not a social network, just a collection of pictures of me, my friends and my antics.

Oops! I forgot about LinkedIn! Well you can find some (fairly) up to date information about my skills and job experience ;)