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Mike Goes Down Under

10th March 2014


Last May I took off on a journey of a life time to the Americas. In 8.5 months I visited 16 countries. Along the way I had the good fortune of meeting a special lady. We travelled together for 5 months, virtually every second of every single day was spent together.

So I was surprised when she invited me to come live with her in Australia. She must be mad I thought to myself. Still, I had better go over there and find out if she has actually lost it.

Well guess its fortunate that Australia is the top of my "to visit" list. So I thought to myself what better way to check out this huge continent than with a beautiful, smart and funny lady who I guess is partly insane too.

As for what ill be working on while im over there, I have some freelance work lined up but my real passion is games so I plan on working on an indie game or two while im out there. Thats until the remaining of my saving last and I have to get a job or more likely she finally gets fed up of me and sends me back to England!