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Mike's Lifehacks - Highlight Reel

27th September 2020

This is a technique my girlfriend I have have been practicing every day for years now so I thought I would share.

Kelsie is a wellness coach and so she knows a thing or two about good routines and techniques for being happy and productive. So when, a few years back, she proposed a routine to strengthen our relationship and make us happier, I thought "sure why not?".

The idea is pretty simple: at the end of the day you take it in turns to say one thing you have been grateful for during the day.

Its simple but quite powerful because it forces you to go through your day in your head and appreciate all of the awesome that happened. It sets you up in a positive mood before going to bed because there is nothing worse than trying to sleep when you are in a bad mood.

Its not a new technique by any means and "Gratitude Journal"'ing is often written about.

I have tried to start journals quite a few times before but always struggle with keeping the routine going. This technique however seems to have stuck with us.

Since starting however we have tweaked the formula a little. Instead of saying one thing we are grateful for we say "What was your highlight of the day?" and then we also say "What was your relationship highlight?". We call this our "Highlight Reel".

Adding the relationship highlight in there has been a great way to let the other person know that something they did or said during the day was very much appreciated even if it was only something small.

So thats it. I hope others find this useful like we do :)