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Monkey Mines

10th May 2009

Well here it is at last! Finally after almost a month of wheeling and dealing we have at last released Monkey Mines to the world at large.

What is it? Well its a remake of the classic Minesweeper game, but with a few changes. Rather than being top-down we have done it in an isometric fashion. Im not sure how successful this has been as some have reported that it makes the game harder to play being isometric.

The game started off as a small tech-demo of the liquid like motion produced by coupling the cubes together by springs in a tight grid. (I still have that demo and may release the source in a later post if others are interested). We thought for a while about how to turn the demo into a game and ended up on the idea of a Minesweeper game.

It taken a long time to do this one, much longer than i had originally hoped for. I hope that the next game wont take anywhere near as long :P

Let me know what you think!