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Mr Nibbles Forever - Alpha 7

14th March 2015
mr nibbles

Well i'm now 8 weeks into development of Mr Nibbles Forever and I can safely say that the game is now feature complete (this probably should be Beta 1 release then not Apha 7 but oh well :P). I didn't do a release last week as I had quite a bit of other work on and so there wasn't all that much progress so I thought I would skip a week.

In this release:


Thats all from my Trello board for the project, the numbers are the amount of time I spent on each one (red is time taken, blue is estimate)

Before I get into some of the details you can see some of the new stuff in this video:

As you can see I have added a couple more particle effects and a new power up, the double jump. This meant changing some of the chunks so the player could not jump out of the world. I also added some "secret" areas that the player cant get to unless they have the double jump.

I have also added fruit to the game and "fruit collection" challenges. I have placed fruit in strategic locations in some of the chunks. These locations are often alternate routes to the normal one and are harder to get to, so you take a risk getting to them. I haven't decided what to do with the fruit when a challenge isn't currently active, for now I have just made it so that a fruit is worth 5 nibbles, let me know what you think!

In this release I have also added the Everyplay game recording service. I use this service to record every run in the game, then give the player the option to watch and share it. Hopefully this will encourage social engagement and drive new players to the game and encourage existing players to play more. I introduce this to the player when you complete the first challenge:


If you click watch replay then the Everyplay service starts up:


You can even provide a narration to your video using the front facing camera (click to watch)!


I also added IAP so you can purchase outfits if you don't have the patience to collect the nibbles and spin the week. There is also high scores in there now for iOS that uses Game Center.

So the game is pretty much done now apart from the missing artwork and audio. I have been speaking to various Artists and audio people for a few weeks now so hopefully things should start to come together by next week.

As usual if you would like to test out the iOS version just shoot me an email: or if you are on Android then join this community.