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Mr Nibbles Forever - Prototype 2

25th January 2015

So its almost a week on since the first build of Mr Nibbles Forever and a fair bit of work has gone into the game this week. Its starting to take shape a little more now which i'm happy about.

I had a few people play the first Prototype last week and the overwhelming response was that it was too hard so the first thing I did this week was to make the game easier. So I slowed Mr Nibbles down and making the tilting of the device more responsive. Then I added a difficulty progression to the game. The longer you play it the harder the game gets. Check out the difficulty progression in the video below:

I achieved the difficulty change by ranking each chunk by difficulty then selecting an appropriate one randomly as the player moves along.


As can be seen in the video there are now 3 themes that the player progresses through as they go along. This mirrors the 3 stages that can be found in the original game:


I worried about this for a little while as I wasnt sure how to get the three themes in the game and make it work. The solution was to have transitions between the themes and have each theme more difficult from the last so that as you play from the cage to the backyard to orbit the game progresses smoothly in difficulty.

Because the game now features three distinct themes I needed to upgrade my chunk building tools to accommodate the different tiling requirements for each theme:

Building tilesets is now a breeze thanks to custom inspectors and other editor tools.


I have a long list of features building up on Trello:


But this week I hope to have most of the chunks complete and have started or finished work on the meta-game. What is the meta-game? Well find out next week ;)

BTW, if you are interested in testing the game on iOS send me an email: and ill get you added as a beta tester. If you are on Android then simply join this community:

I also have a facebook community for the game now too: