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New Job - Massively Multimedia

4th August 2009


Since GameJacket went under I have been looking for the next thing. I had a few offers but the one I went for in the end was the MMOLife studio based in Manchester. Ill be working with some of the people from GameJacket which is good as I know we work well together and I am familiar with the processes. I cant say exactly what I will be working on just that its flash based and ties in with what I have been doing in my previous roles at GameJacket and Dubit and in my own personal projects.

I have been here for two days now and still getting settled in but I think im going to enjoy myself is this relaxed yet professional atmosphere. Im looking forward to getting stuck in with the workload but at the same time hoping that it wont consume all my energies as I still want to concentrate much of my personal time onto my own projects ;)