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New OS Project - exodus-safe-to-csv

Just a quick one today, I thought I would share a little tool I wrote to help with converting data exported from Exodus to be used in

For a while I have been dabbling in Crypto currency trading. To manage all my trades and currencies I like to use

CoinTracking has a wide range of data import options including one to import from my favourite crypto wallet Exodus. Unfortunately the process is rather laborious as you first must export each coin individually from Exodus then import each one individually.

I noticed today that Exodus has an option to export a "SAFE" report. This is a zip file that contains a bunch of info dumped from Exodus and is supposed to be used by Exodus support to debug issues in the wallet.

I cracked open the zip and noticed that all the transaction histories for all the coins were included, great, that will save me a bunch of work when importing back into CoinTracking. Unfortunately the exported transactions are in JSON format but CoinTracking expects CSV.

So I decided to crack open VS code and cook up a quick npm library to help me convert from the JSON to CSV for CoinTracking.

So here it is:

A nice and neat simple tool to convert from Exodus' SAFE report to a bunch of CSV documents for consumption in CoinTracking.