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Portal 2D - Alpha

29th March 2007

Okay this is a very very alpha release of a game that was created for a team project at the final year of university.

The game is a 2D version of Valves up and coming game Portal. You are a scientist in a lab experimentig with the new handhelf portal device that allows you to create portals anywhere that allow you to pass through to the other side. The goal of the game is to solve puzzles and get to the exit in the fastest time possible.

As i said the game is very very alpha and as such has many holes. The reason i am releasing this now as i dont think im going to have time to work on it in the near future so best get this out now.

I personally worked on the engine of the game, the menus were done by another team member. The engine features full bloom lighting effect to make all those shineys abit more umm shiney :D

Anyways, to play this game you will need the XNA runtimes, use THIS to get them installed.

Once that is done you can go ahead and dowload the game HERE.