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Recursive v.1.1


I have found a little more time this evening to fix some bugs and make some improvements to my Chrome extension Recursive. The changes are as follows:

----- v.1.1 ------

  • Now only displays recursive icon on tabs with https:// and https://

  • Full screen now works (uncommented that line of code, doh!)

  • Pause and reseting a recurse now works correctly

  • Renamed the title page of the app

  • Some Performance improvments

  • There is now an option in the settings to define a custom file filter

  • There is now a setting to disable removing duplicate files

One of the main new additions is the ability to add a custom filter in the settings which recursive uses when parsing a file:


If any are found they are then displayed in the files dialog:


As I say, just a quick update this evening. I plan on writing some more in-depth blog posts this week explaining some of the nuts and bolts of Recursive.