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Started At Bamboo

15th July 2018
react native

Just a quick employment update today.


So only a few months ago I announced I was starting at a Machine Learning based company called GenVis to work as Head of Engineering on their various projects. Although I was super excited about joining the company its quickly became apparent that due to some personality conflicts things werent going to work out.

So unfortunately after just 6 weeks at GenVis I decided that it was probably in my and the companies best interest that I leave and seek other adventures.


So since then until 3 weeks ago I have been working freelance on a couple of projects. The projects arent yet ready to be announced so I cant talk in detail about those yet but one was a website (built using my favorite Typescript and React) and the other was a game (built with Unity). Hopefully I will be able to talk about them at some point because they are both very interesting projects.


So 3 weeks ago I decided to re-enter full time employment by accepting a position at Bamboo. Its a company that is building a Cryptocurrency Micro-Investing platform. No clue what im talking about? Check out this video:

Im going to be working there as a full-stack developer on all parts of the system. So far it has been a really interesting eclectic collection of technologies from React Native, Typescript to Labmbdas and Go. Im excited to be learning all these new things and hopefully building an excellent product in an exciting space.