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The Trip 2013 - Washington DC

21st May 2013


So my trip has finally started! I have not had anywhere near as much free time thus far as I thought I would have before I left. A great thing as there is no chance of me getting bored, it does however mean that I haven't had time to write the frequent blog posts I had promised.

I have decided to try and write these posts a a sort of slideshow with narrative  Im not sure its the correct format however as it takes quite a while to write each one, so perhaps ill tweak the way I do this as I go along. Each photo taken links back to a publicly available image on facebook so you can like and comment and see a larger version if you wish.

This is just a condensed summary, there are more images in the album The Trip 2013 - Washington DC

So I left the UK early on the 7th of May, after saying goodbye to my parents


I hopped on a train bound for Heathrow. A short 8 hour flight later I arrived in Washington DC where I bummed a bed from my Vietnam travelling buddy Martin

martins house

After a couple of beers at his local my jet-lagged body forced me to bed. The next day Martin went to work leaving me free to head downtown to do a spot of tourism. First up was a park full of wierd and wonderful artwork

spider pic

mayan ruins

it even had a pair of fountain spotters

fountain spotters

After the park I took a wander around capital hill

capitol hill

before heading to the botanical gardens


then the air and space museum

spaceship one

After lunch I shimmied over to the Washington monument


then some ducks decided to photo bomb my pic of the Lincon memorial.

duck photobomb

At about this point it started to rain so I scurried back to the house. That night I went out with Martin and his very lovely girlfriend Kim. We hit one of his local haunts followed by a gig venue. I drank too much as usual and spent most of the next day trying to remember what I had said to people.

The following day I woke and decided to head back to the area I was in the previous day and do the things I missed. First up was The Museum of Natural History. A fascinating place that has everything, including the most badass creature in the ocean

mantis shrimp

it even had an indoor butterfly enclosure, gingerly I took photos while trying not to crush the delicate insects


After the museum I took the short walk over to the Whitehouse for the obligatory pic


After the whitehouse I walked over to the Jefferson memorial and wrote my diary entry before finally heading back.


That evening I went to watch Martins team play local football. Its really interesting how football is taking off in the states, particularly as they play it in mixed sex teams.

martins team

After the game Kim drove us over to a gig at breakneck speeds, we saw Sir Sly warm up for the headline for someone. Even though its not traditionally my sort of music I really enjoyed it and was the perfect end for my rather short stay in DC.

night out

The following day Martin and Kim were heading down to New Orleans for a stag and hen do so I grabbed a flight to my next destination, Toronto.