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Trello Chat - A Chrome Extension

18th December 2015
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Following on my theme of "Not Games" projects, I have just released my latest Chrome Extension; Trello Chat.


Like my last project, Trello Tasks, this is an extension for Trello. I love Trello and use it to organise just about everything. Our team used it at the Startup Weekend last month to organise our project over the weeked, I also noticed quite a few other teams using Trello too.

One issue we faced however was although we were sat next to each other we needed to be able to quickly swap a link or some copy as we worked on the project. The problem is we didn't have any chat system setup like Skype or Slack. This got me thinking, if only we could chat through Trello, we already have everyone signed up to the board, it would make things so much easier.

And thus Trello Chat was born.

I borrowed some stuff from my work on Trello Tasks so that reporting problems is really easy:


It supports full Markdown syntax:


You can also disable and enable chat per board:


I am, of-course, tracking all of my development on Trello on this public board: you can vote on various features for me to implement there or send me an email: or tweet: @mikeysee.

The extension is available to download for free here:

If it's popular I have plans for lots of other features :)