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Wake Mate - Human Augmentation, the future?

24th January 2010

Well after a little deliberation I decided to go for it and take a leap and pre-order a "WakeMate". Mainly as an experiment but partially to fuel the geeky gadget lover inside of me, but I do think this sort of thing is a natural extension to our techno-obsessed lifestyle.

Im a big fan of Science-Fiction, and my favourite author is Peter F. Hamilton. In the vast majority of his books he portrays a future where humans and technology merge, generally just an extension of the shrinking of personal gadget devices (think iPhone) down to microscopic scales which can then be embedded in the body (nano-robotics). These personal devices then allow the user to interface with the internet directly, without screens or input devices. This I think is a logical direction of our shrinking hardware and smarter software.

Glimpses of this future have already been seen with basic data-visual augmentation apps such as Layar for the iPhone. In addition to the 'net-interface' capability of the technologies described by Peter F. the micro-devices are capable of reading biometric data from the body directly and also capable of modifying and augmenting the bodies own capabilities.

So back to the point of this post. I think that Wake Mate is a tentative step in the direction towards the "personal doctor" and "human augmentation". What it does is monitor your sleeping pattern through a wrist-band you put on when you go to bed. As you sleep it records your cycles and if you set it to, it can wake you when it considers is the best time, so you always wake up feeling refreshed.

Thats the concept anyways. I have no idea if it will work, but as a techno-gadget-geek im willing to give it a shot for $50 ;)

P.S. I would like to point out that Wake Mate isnt the first to make such an app. Zeo Sleep Coach has been around for a while selling a product, it however, is 5 times more expensive than Wake Mate and doesnt interface with the iPhone.